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Kitchen Cornice

Made to measure kitchen cornice and pelmet to trim and finish your kitchen beautifully.

About our kitchen cornice

Kitchen cornice, sometimes referred to as crown moulding,  is the decorative trim that is fitted on top of many wall cabinets and full-height cabinets. It’s simply a decorative item and sometimes omitted on modern kitchens.

Kitchen Cornice Options

Our cornice is also available in curved options, both convex and concave.

External convex curved door 01
External convex curved door 04
External convex curved door 04
External convex curved door 04

Kitchen Cornice FAQs

What is the difference between kitchen cornice and pelmet?2023-05-25T07:51:53+00:00

Kitchen cornice is the cabinet trim that fixes on the top of a kitchen wall cabinet, whilst the pelmet is the smaller trim that goes around the bottom of the cabinet.

Are there two types of cornice and pelmet style?2023-05-24T15:36:32+00:00

Yes, there are mainly 2 styles of cornices and pelmets, modern and traditional. There are, though, endless shapes and profiles these cornices can be made in. The only limitation is the actual cutters that the cornice is machined from.

Does kitchen cornice make a room look smaller?2023-05-24T15:31:59+00:00

Normally the cornice isn’t too large, but much larger cornices used in a room with low ceilings will create an out of proportion effect and appear to shrink the room. 

Should kitchen cornice touch the ceiling?2023-05-24T15:27:59+00:00

It ultimately depends on personal preference and the style of your kitchen. Some people prefer the look of a cornice that touches the ceiling for a more seamless and polished look, while others prefer a gap between the cornice and ceiling for a more traditional or rustic feel. Some opt for taller wall cabinets in stead of cornice. Consider the overall design aesthetic of your kitchen and choose what works best for you.

What is a cornice used for in a kitchen?2023-05-24T15:25:06+00:00

A kitchen cornice is a decorative molding that is installed at the top of kitchen cabinets. It is used to conceal the gap between the cabinets and the ceiling, as well as to add a decorative touch to the kitchen. It can also help to prevent dust and debris from accumulating on top of the cabinets. Cornice can be straight, curved or in a traditional style.

Do modern kitchens have cornices and Pelmets?2023-05-24T15:21:55+00:00

In recent years, modern kitchen design trends have moved away from traditional cornices and pelmets. Instead, many designers are opting for sleek, minimalist looks with clean lines and no added decorative elements. However, it ultimately depends on personal preference and the overall style of the kitchen.

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