Kitchen Cabinet & Cupboard Door Hinges2023-08-03T09:26:11+00:00

Kitchen Cabinet & Cupboard Door Hinges

Kitchen cupboard hinges that are built to last.

Quality door hinges for cupboards offer several benefits. They provide smooth and quiet operation, ensuring that kitchen doors open and close easily. They also provide durability and stability, preventing the doors from sagging or becoming misaligned over time. Additionally, quality hinges can enhance the overall appearance of the cupboard, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Blum kitchen hinges

Clever Kitchen motion technologies from Blum

We supply everything for the opening and closing or your kitchen doors from the leading manufacturers.

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Fittings for creative furniture ideas

We have everything for the opening and closing of lift systems, pull-outs and doors. With the right motion technologies, your kitchen doors become a dream to use with hinges that are simply built to last. This means our customers are happier and their lives become easier.

So if you are looking for soft close, sprung hinges or if you choose a farmhouse type in-frame kitchen and would prefer a butt hinge, we’ve got you covered.

Hinges can be chosen to match your handle preferences with options such as silver, brass or black. We stock mosts butt hinges ready for your future projects.

Kitchen Door Hinge FAQs

What type of hinges are used on kitchen cabinets?2023-05-25T17:03:29+00:00

One of the most commonly used types is the sprung hinge; This normally has a slow close mechanism integrated into the hinge and is totally invisible from the front. It is also adjustable and easy to replace.

The other type of hinge is the butt hinge. This is used less these days, but is still popular in a traditional kitchen.


How to choose kitchen hinges?2023-05-25T17:02:08+00:00

You should check the diameter of the hole in the door that your current hinge sits in. These are usually 35mm. It’s important to measure the hole in the door and not the hinge itself as the hinge may be slightly smaller.



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