How Colour matching works

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Colour match

Colour Matching Kitchen Doors

When you’re looking for a truly bespoke kitchen, getting your preferred colour means you’re getting the kitchen doors you really want. If you have a sample or reference from any commercially available colour swatch we can recreate the colour accordingly and you get a stunning colour that better complements your kitchen design.

Capturing and evaluating colour

So how does it work? We take your sample and scan it using a spectrophotometer. This colour measurement device helps us capture and evaluate the colour and monitor accuracy throughout production of your kitchen doors.

Once we have the colour data, we can generate a formulation for the paint as we know which pigments to use to reproduce the colour. We then spray the new colour onto a viewing card and use the spectrophotometer to compare with the original sample.

Measuring the difference

The measured difference in colour between the original sample and the sprayed viewing card is called the Delta E value. A Delta E value of less than 0.3 represents a good colour match.

If the colour match is greater than 0.3, the colour is adjusted and re-sprayed until a value of less than 0.3 is achieved. This paint is then ready to spray on to the kitchen doors.

A colour match report is produced so that the colour can be re-produced at any future date for any further kitchen doors you require.

colour match
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How to send us your colours

We can accept a colour reference from almost any commercially available colour swatch; we keep most of them. Additionally, if you have a RAL colour reference or Pantone number we can accept this. You can also send us a swatch you’ve sourced. Prefer Matt or Gloss? How about Satin? We are also able to provide antibacterial finishes to your chosen colours.