Kitchen Cabinet Doors – Trends for 2024

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kitchen cabinet doors trends

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Explore our extensive range of high-quality kitchen cabinet doors and discover styles that will transform your kitchen into a space of elegance and practicality.

Looking to give your kitchen a makeover for 2024? then you’ll want to know the latest cabinet colour trends. Cabinet colours have the most significant impact on the look, feel and mood of your kitchen. So as we look forward into 2024, here are some kitchen cabinet ideas that are expected to be most popular.

We specialise in offering a broad range of kitchen cabinet doors that combine style, quality, and functionality. Whether you’re refurbishing your kitchen or simply looking to update its appearance, our cabinet doors are designed to suit your unique style and preferences.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Trends for 2024

For 2024, the kitchen cabinet door colour and style trends are moving towards a mix of classic and modern aesthetics, emphasising both natural elements and bold statements. Here’s an overview of the trends:

White Cabinets

White remains a timeless choice for kitchen cabinets, offering a fresh and light aesthetic. We’ll see more variations on white, such as distressed painted finishes or light blue, green, or grey washes.

Dark and Moody Hues

Deep, dramatic colours like onyx black, charcoal grey, or rich navy blue are trending. These moody colours create a cosy atmosphere, and when paired with brass or gold hardware, they look particularly sleek.

Natural Wood Tones

The trend towards sustainability and eco-friendly designs is bringing natural wood cabinetry into the spotlight. Expect kitchens to feature beautiful wood cabinetry in light maple to darker walnut.

Painted Shaker Style

The Shaker-style cabinet door, known for its simple and flat centre panel, continues to be popular. In 2024, painted Shaker cabinets in colours like soft blue-grey or sage green will be prominent.

Rich Brown

Painted kitchen cabinets in rich brown colours, offering depth and dimension, are becoming popular. They pair well with white marble counters and brass hardware.

Warm Taupe and Beige

Moving away from cool-toned, all-white kitchens, warm shades like taupe and beige are making a comeback, complementing bold colours and dark wood flooring.

Upward (Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year for 2024)

This elegant baby blue colour is calming and welcoming, ideal for adding a pop of colour to your kitchen.

Dark Stained Natural Wood

A resurgence of dark-stained natural wood cabinets is expected, offering a cosy aesthetic.

Warm Undertones

Wood stains and colours with rich red and orange undertones are becoming popular, bringing vibrancy and warmth to the kitchen.

Timeless Black

Black kitchen cabinets continue to be a timeless choice, offering sophistication and elegance.

Matte Finishes

Matte finishes are back, moving away from the high-gloss looks of previous years. Textured matte cabinets give an organic, grounded feel, with chalky matte finishes emulating furniture or timeworn cabinets.

Colour of the Year 2024 Sherwin Williams

Upward SW 6239

Baby blue set to trend for 2024

General kitchen trends for 2024

Here’s what is expected to continue trending this year relating to general kitchen design.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials

Increasing focus on environmentally friendly materials, including recycled or sustainably sourced wood and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and finishes.

Smart Kitchen Technology

Integration of smart appliances and gadgets for enhanced convenience and energy efficiency.

Minimalist Designs

Clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and minimalist aesthetics, often with a focus on functionality and simplicity.

Natural Elements

Incorporation of natural elements like wood and stone to bring warmth and texture into the kitchen space.

Bold Colours and Patterns

Use of bold and vibrant colours, often as accent pieces or in backsplashes, along with patterned tiles and unique textures.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Kitchens doubling as dining and living spaces, with designs that accommodate both cooking and socialising.

Custom Storage Solutions

Innovative storage solutions that maximise space and keep kitchens organised and tidy.

Mix and Match Styles

Combining different styles, like traditional cabinetry with modern appliances, for a personalised look.

Copper kitchen Cabinet handles

Moody Colours

Indigo cabinets paired with copper handles create a cosy atmosphere

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Kitchen Cabinet Door Products

Take a look at some example kitchen cabinet doors from our kitchen range of doors.

Kitchen Design Trends FAQs

Are backlit splash-backs trending?2024-01-05T10:11:50+00:00

Yes, illuminated splash-backs are on the rise and can really make a statement in your kitchen. Not only do they look stunning they are also extremely functional by providing easy maintenance and ticking all the boxes for task lighting and ambient lighting solutions. Using materials such as Corian for a backlit splash-back are ideal. Check out this example of a backlit spash-back.

Is wood grain trending for kitchen cabinets?2024-01-05T10:00:21+00:00

Wood grain kitchen cabinets are a trending right now as they can add a nature inspired warmth to modern kitchens. However to avoid a dated look consider using feature panels to lift and create features that draw the eye to certain kitchen areas. Bleached-out wood colours and white oak are popular choices for organic beauty. Expect contrasting cabinet colours that create dramatic tones to rise during 2024.

What is the most popular kitchen layout for 2024?2024-01-04T16:46:27+00:00

The L-shaped layout remains popular due to its efficiency and adaptability, with the addition of kitchen islands for extra workspace and storage. Kitchens are now more popular for socialising, entertaining and day to day family life. They therefore need to perform in more areas than simply food preparation which means open plan designs are popular.

Is there a shift in kitchen lighting trends?2024-01-04T16:39:24+00:00

Yes, there’s a move towards layered lighting with a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient Lighting: This is the general, overall lighting of the kitchen intended to illuminate the entire space uniformly. Task Lighting: As the name suggests, task lighting is focused on specific areas where tasks are performed, such as food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. Accent Lighting: This type of lighting is used to highlight certain features or create visual interest in the kitchen. It’s more about aesthetics than functionality.

Smart lighting systems are also gaining popularity, typically controlled by voice, smart phones or motion detection. They not only make life more convenient and efficient but can also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

What types of kitchen storage solutions are trending?2024-01-04T15:55:40+00:00

Custom storage solutions like pull-out larders, corner drawers, and integrated appliance garages are popular for maximising space and reducing clutter. Modern kitchens tend to incorporate easy access internal storage solutions to help create a minimalist look without reducing functionality.

Are sustainable materials important in current kitchen designs?2024-01-04T15:52:42+00:00

Indeed, there’s an increasing focus on eco-friendly materials, such as sustainably sourced timber and recycled materials, reflecting a broader trend towards sustainability in home design.

What are the most popular styles for kitchen cabinet doors in 2024?2024-01-04T15:51:13+00:00

Shaker-style doors remain popular for their timeless, classic look. Flat-panel and j-pull handleless style doors in matte finishes are gaining more and more popularity for a more modern aesthetic that is easy to maintain

Is there a preferred sink style for contemporary kitchens?2024-01-05T09:50:25+00:00

The best sink styles for modern kitchens depends on personal preferrences but  under-mount sinks are often favoured for their sleek appearance and ease of cleaning. Farmhouse sinks are also popular for adding a rustic element to both traditional and modern kitchens. Sinks can also be made from worktop materials such as quartz which are also a popular choice.


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